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Studying Theory at the Zurich Art University

Unique in Europe, the courses offered by the Theory major establish an interplay between advanced theory and the free space of the art school. Surpassing the boundaries of academic convention, the systematic course structure provides students with a substantiated overview and opportunities to try out new forms of text and theory production, of aesthetic and political intervention.

The specialisation within the BA Media and Art offers an introduction to the topical drift of aesthetic, political and cultural studies, and aims to lay the foundations for critical and theoretically versed authorship. Specific to this major is the focus on artistic practice and popular and everyday culture, as well as the examination of their social and political dimensions. In the course of this preoccupation with contemporary discourses, students develop textual, conceptual, and organizational skills enabling them to analyze, shape and reinvent cultural practices.

Courses are held mainly in German. The deadline for applications for the autumn term 2011 is 18 February 2011.

Contact: Gerald Raunig / Klaus Schönberger, Leitung Vertiefung Theorie, BA-Studiengang Medien und Kunst, Departement Kunst und Medien, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste ZHdK; vth.zhdk.ch