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Arab Fund for Arts and Culture

Call for Proposals 2011

The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC) is launching an open call for proposals for its general grant in the categories Literature, Visual Arts and Performing Arts.

All individuals and organizations working in the cultural and artistic spheres, whose projects target the Arab region, are invited to send their project proposals regardless of age, years of experience, nationality, country of residence (Arab world and abroad), ethnicity, religion or any other factor. AFAC covers project-related expenses, not running operating costs.

The following types of projects in three categories are eligible for this open call for proposals:

  • Visual Arts: production and organization of art exhibitions, installations and other forms of visual arts,
  • Performing Arts: development and production of theatrical, dance, as well as other forms of performance arts,
  • Literature: research, writing and publishing of literary works, including novels, short stories, poetry, translations and biographies, in print and online.

Applications for projects must be submitted online. The deadline for submissions is 13 May 2011.

For details, please see www.arabculturefund.org