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TANDAO - the Euro-Afro-American Cultural Management Network

Established in 2010, TANDAO is a Euro-Afro-American cultural management network that intends to serve as a meeting point for cultural managers coming from Latin America, Africa and Europe. It was initiated by the Spanish Federation of Associations for Cultural Managers (FEAGC), with the help of the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development (AECID).

The initiative to establish the network came from existing groups of cultural managers coming from different continents including: the Latin American Network of Cultural Managers Network (Red-LGC, Latin America), the Federation of Associations for Cultural Managers (FEAGC, Spain), Iberian Association of Cultural Managers (Portugal and Spain) and several other European organizations and institutions that gave their support for this initiative.

The name TANDAO comes from the Swahili term "mtandao" meaning network or web. This virtual platform is not intended to be a news portal on cultural management, but a meeting space for cultural managers from both sides of the Atlantic and around the Mediterranean. Under the slogan "share to grow" TANDAO aims to facilitate the networking among its members, based on the exchange of information and free sharing of contacts; promote associations in geographical areas where cultural management is not recognized and thus through knowledge sharing and community building on international level empower the cultural management professionals in their various local contexts.

In 2011 TANDAO will work on building spaces to share membersí information and contacts through different types of online tools such as newsletters and social networks, but it will also aim to maintain its presence in different international events in its area of action.

For more information please visit the network website www.tandao.org, contact the network secretariat by email secretariainternacional@tandao.org or join TANDAO on Facebook.