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ALPes Art, Landscape, Place, Sound Space Postgraduate Research Programme

Call for Applications

The Haute Ecole d'Art et de Design Genève (Geneva University of Art and Design) is organizing the ALPes Art, Landscape, Place, Sound Space postgraduate research programme specializing in artistic practices in the public space. With its guest speakers (artists, communicators, theorists) ALPes develops theoretical reflection concerning art in the wider context (architecture, suburban areas, landscapes), commission typologies, new reception mechanisms and art in situ. ALPes has defined new exploration and interaction processes between art and territory.

Keen to invent new forms of visibility for art, ALPes is a means to encounter, to confront and to debate with the city. The programme is aimed at young artists, concerned with the problems of art/public space. It leads to the realization of individual and group practical work involved with territory and the city. Collaborative ventures with different regional social and cultural partner organisations will enable carrying out full-scale experimentation in the city.

The deadline for application is 17 June 2011.

Contact: Jean Stern, Geneva University of Art and Design, 15 Bd. James-Fazy, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland; tel: +41 22 388 58 00; e-mail: jean.stern@hesge.ch; head.hesge.ch/alpes/