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ARTErra Rural Art Residency

Call for Applications

The ARTErra is a rural art residency structure in Portugal that supports and encourages artistic creation and production. Housed in a small rural village, ARTErra offers physical spaces and tools for the realization of a project proposal of an artist or collective of different artistic disciplines. In addition to a house with several recreational areas and facilities, the ARTErra has a 'creation yard' area where the work spaces are located (sound studio and booth capturing, studio room, black and white box, glass room and atelier), framed by a garden, a small vegetable garden, an orchard and poultry.

All interested candidates are invited to submit their applications in the 1st half of 2012.

For more information, please visit arterra.weebly.com and arterra-residencias.blogspot.com, or send an e-mail to arterra.geral@gmail.com