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Atelier for Young Festival Managers

Open Call for Application

Do you belong to the next generation of artistic festival directors? Do you feel the need to broaden your programming skills and get inspired by colleagues and experienced forerunners? The European Festivals Association (EFA) and the Ljubljana Festival announce the launch of the open call for application to the fifth edition of the Atelier for Young Festival Managers, to be held from 14-21 October 2012 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The Atelier - initiated by the European Festivals Association - is guided by the motto "Car le vrai rôle d'un festival est d'aider les artistes à oser, à entreprendre des projets" borrowed from Bernard Faivre d'Arcier, longstanding Director of the Avignon Festival and President of the Lyon Biennial (France).

It is an intense and rigorous 7-day training platform addressed at emerging artistic festival directors or those who have ambitions to become involved in programming or in programming-related departments within a festival. It is all about formulating experiences and passing on knowledge to a next generation of festival makers: knowledge about programming a festival, thematically focusing on the very essence of arts festivals - the art and the artist. The Atelier brings together 45 festival managers from all over the world. Distinguished festival directors, including Bernard Faivre d'Arcier, Robyn Archer, Creative Director The Centenary of Canberra (2013) and Artistic Director of The Light In Winter Melbourne, Australia, Hugo De Greef, initiator of festivals and General Manager the Bruges European Capital of Culture 2002, Nele Hertling, Vice-Chair of the Academy of Arts Berlin, Jonathan Mills, Festival Director and Chief Executive Edinburgh International Festival, together with another eight well selected, renowned festival pioneers attending for at least two full days, guide participants throughout the week. In lectures, one-to-one talks, group discussions as well as intense workshops on case studies, issues such as artistic vision, political and social responsibility, internationalisation, networking, and renewal and sustainability are explored.

The application deadline is 31 May 2012. Young Festival Managers from all over the world are invited to apply. Festivals, cultural organisations, networks, foundations, universities etc are invited to delegate a young festival manager to participate in the Atelier LJUBLJANA 2012 and spread the Call for Application broadly to their members, partners, contacts and interested people.

Latest news, documents and information about the Atelier can be followed at www.atelierforyoungfestivalmanagers.eu.

In case of further questions, please contact atelier@efa-aef.eu or call +32 9 241 8080.