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MA - Social Practice and the Creative Environment (SPACE)

Call for Applications

Limerick School of Art and Design in the southwest of Ireland invites applicants from an art and design background and related areas for its MA - Social Practice and the Creative Environment (SPACE).

Currently in its second year, MA SPACE is an international high-level MA, which focuses on Social Practice and the Creative Environment (SPACE). This programme is tailored towards the development of a sustainable artistic praxis rather than training in certain media or genres. It recognises that the relationship between creative production and the contemporary structures of social production is one of opportunity. The theoretical and critical grounding supports a creative response for a multitude of possibilities in social practice.

This innovative MA programme is distinctive in that it is:

  • focused on Social Practice,
  • delivered through theory and practice,
  • open to practitioners of art and design, and
  • also open to experienced graduates outside of the art and design fields.

The programme is delivered by both Limerick School of Art and Design staff and a varied range of national and international visiting lecturer specialists. Ongoing learning opportunities are also provided within off campus research projects focusing on the concept of the city as a socially engaged laboratory. Within each project the intention is that the audience continues to be the rationale in both the making and reception of the work. A reflection of this by the first group of postgraduates has generated a variety of positions and interventions ranging from online projects, bi-located works in Egypt and France, to creative 're-imagining' of subjects locally.

Application deadline is 1 May 2012. Application forms and information sheets are available from www.lit.ie/courses/MASPACE or by contacting muriel.dinneen@lit.ie.