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Artists' Residences and Involvement of Artists in Urban Transformations of European Cities

Apollonia and its European partners are launching a call for proposals, open to artists wishing to get involved in dynamic residences related to the evolutions and mutations of contemporary cities. This residences-based project ties into the application for the European Commission's grant (Culture Program). It is scheduled to start in 2013 and last for a period of three years, and it will involve around ten European cities. Partner cities are: Strasbourg, Berlin, Bucharest, Thessaloniki, Gdansk, Nicosia, Prague and Aarhus.

The application files should be submitted to apollonia@apollonia-art-exchanges.com by 31 July 2012. The first selection will be made in September 2012 and the final one in March 2013. A sum of 5000 euros will be allocated to each project selected.

For more information about the project and the application file, please visit the website: www.apollonia-art-exchanges.com or contact apollonia, échanges artistiques européens; tel.: + 33 (0) 9 53 40 37 34; e-mail: apollonia@apollonia-art-exchanges.com