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UBC Certificate in Cultural Planning

The University of British Columbia's new international Centre for Cultural Planning and Development launches the UBC Certificate in Cultural Planning, a 100% online learning program authored and taught by senior practitioners from around the globe. Courses are 8-10 weeks in length and can be taken individually for professional development purposes. Beginning in 2013, successfully completing six courses will earn the Certificate. Three online courses are offered in the fall of 2012: Foundations of Cultural Planning, by Colin Mercer, London, UK; Creating Culture Plans, by Sue Harvey, Vancouver, Canada; and Creative Placemaking, by Pru Robey, Artscape, Toronto, Canada.

The UBC Centre for Cultural Planning and Development is an international centre dedicated to creating and strengthening a global community of professionals advancing cultural development as a vital component of successful communities and sustainable growth. By engaging the strengths of international leaders in the field, the Centre educates, trains and supports practitioners through university-level courses and programmes, research, and the exchange of successful practice.

The UBC Certificate Program in Cultural Planning and the individual professional development courses of which it is comprised addresses the growing international demand for cultural planners with knowledge and expertise to guide cultural policy and development initiatives. Cultural planning is an integrated approach to development of well-planned and creative communities supported by vibrant cultures and creative economies that is being embraced by a growing number of North American, European and other jurisdictions around the world. By organizing and leveraging public and private policy affecting the cultural sector and creative infrastructure, cultural planners play an increasingly vital role in developing livable, sustainable, intercultural communities, while strengthening their position in the global knowledge economy.

Online courses are structured to provide a positive learning environment for participants to engage in and interact with the content and class discussions. In an online course, additional time for individual study and reading is required to review the course material for assignments. Instructors facilitate throughout the course and are available to provide feedback via email and through discussion forums. Course involves an average of 12 to 15 hours of study per week.

More information is available at cstudies.ubc.ca/cultural-planning-and-development/index.html.

Contact: Burke Taylor and Don Black, Co-Directors, UBC Centre for Cultural Planning and Development; e-mail: cultural-planning@cstudies.ubc.ca; www.cstudies.ubc.ca