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Digital Arts and New Media MFA Programme

The Digital Arts and New Media MFA programme at the University of California, Santa Cruz is accepting applications for Fall 2013. UC Santa Cruz is immediately south of Silicon Valley, allowing faculty and students to take advantage of opportunities such as participation in ZER01, a multi-disciplinary, multi-venue biennial festival of visual and performing arts at the intersection of art, technology and digital culture. The two-year DANM MFA programme brings together faculty and students from across the academic spectrum to pursue interdisciplinary artistic and scholarly research. The diverse curriculum includes collaborative research project groups, where small clusters of students work with professors on artistic, technical and theoretical research in one of four focused areas: Mechatronics, Participatory Culture, Performative Technologies, and Playable Media.

Application deadline is 7 January 2013.

The MFA is a terminal degree in the field of Digital Media Arts, qualifying graduates for a variety of career paths including university-level teaching and public- and private-sector research. Information on the programme and application process is available at danm.ucsc.edu.