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Master of Management in International Arts Management

The Master of Management in International Arts Management (MM-IAM) programme offers international training that draws on the expertise of three of the world's top-ranked universities in the area of cultural management - the SMU, Dallas, Texas, USA; HEC MONTRÉAL, Canada; and SDA BOCCONI, Milan, Italy. The primary goal of the programme is to prepare and train a new generation of managers within the performing arts, heritage sector (museums or historic sites) and cultural industries (film, publishing, sound recording, radio and television). The structure of the MM-IAM consists of 45 credits that are evenly divided among the three institutions in three countries for 12 months, full time (4 months at each campus).

SMU, Dallas, Texas, USA: 15 credits (5 courses, 3 credits each). Theme: Managing Nonprofit Arts Organizations and Private-Sector Funding. Courses include fundraising, budgeting and financial management, international law and the arts, international cultural policy and cultural economics.

HEC MONTRÉAL, Canada: 15 credits (10 courses, 1.5 credits each). Theme: Marketing. Courses include accounting management and leadership in cultural organizations, arts marketing, international marketing and events, consumer culture, promotion and advertising, research methods, information technologies and more.

SDA BOCCONI, Milan, Italy: 15 credits (3 courses, 3 credits each, and a final thesis project worth 6 credits). Theme: Art Markets, Cultural Industries and final thesis. Courses include strategy and governance of cultural institutions and two electives, concluding with a master's thesis on an arts sector or industry.

How to apply: There are three admission deadlines: 15 November 2013 (early decision), 15 January 2014 (regular decision), 15 April 2014 (to fill any remaining spaces).

For more information please visit www.master-in-international-arts-management.com or contact mmiam@hec.ca.