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Master of Fine Arts Programme

Elam School of Fine Arts, the University of Auckland, New Zealand is one of the most highly regarded places to study fine arts in New Zealand. The School approaches fine art education at Elam in a distinct manner. The postgraduate studios operate from an interdisciplinary or cross-disciplinary perspective. Painters, sculptors, interactive artists, video artists, photographers and other creative practitioners work alongside each other. This cross-disciplinary interaction reflects the reality of much contemporary creative visual art practice. Critical discourse on artistic practice and an emphasis on analysis and self-reflection contribute to an understanding of contemporary art located within a larger cultural, social and political context.

The two-year Master of Fine Arts (MFA) programme is taught in an intimate environment with international connections through its renowned faculty and Elam International Artist in Residence programme. Guest artists support the faculty and engage students in contemporary creative initiatives worldwide. The programme comprises individual supervised independent projects, lectures and seminars. Well-equipped workshops for photography, film and video, sound and other computer-based work as well as for wood, printmaking, casting and fabrication are open to all students. Each student is provided a studio space, and all teachers at the school are available as supervisors.

Over the two-year curriculum, the MFA programme includes many opportunities to discuss the artist's practice and to engage with the arts industry nationally and internationally. At the end of the MFA programme all students work towards a final group show that has launched many artists into their careers both in New Zealand and internationally.

Artists/students with diverse backgrounds interested in innovative artistic practice and research are encouraged to apply. The online application is open for Semester 2, 2014 applications. Applications close on 4 July 2014.

For more information, please contact: The University of Auckland, National Institute of Creative Arts and Industries, Elam School of Fine Arts, 20 Whitaker Place, Auckland, New Zealand; tel.: +0800 61 62 63, +64 9 923 8000 (international); www.creative.auckland.ac.nz/elam