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2015 TCF Cultural Exchange Fellowship

Call For Applications

The Turkish Cultural Foundation (TCF) accepts applications for its 2015 Cultural Exchange Fellowship Programme in Turkish Culture and Art. The TCF Cultural Exchange Fellowship is awarded twice a year and aims to support international exchanges between artists and other culture professionals.

Since 2008, the TCF Fellowship in Turkish Culture and Art has provided funding to young and established scholars with a view to expand academic interest in Turkish cultural studies, as well as to increase publications in this field. Since the program's inception, 91 individuals received the TCF Cultural Exchange Fellowship and participated in a wide range of cultural and artistic programs. In 2013, TCF conducted a survey about the Fellowship Programme to assess whether the programme has indeed served its mission. Based on the feedback received, it is clear that the Fellowship has served as an important resource for scholars at a time when funding for academic research had significantly diminished, and that it helped to sustain interest and advance scholarship in this field. Going forward, TCF decided to shift the focus of the Fellowship on the dissemination of knowledge on Turkey's cultural heritage. Re-launched under this new format, the TCF Fellowship in Turkish Culture and Art will be awarded for outstanding papers published in the area of Turkish cultural and social studies, as well as to support participation of scholars in leading conferences in this subject area.

Individuals who work professionally in the fields of traditional arts, cultural relations, visual arts and new media, film and video arts, curatorial services, conservation, restoration, literary arts, music, dance, theatre and performance arts, are invited to submit applications for the TCF Cultural Exchange Fellowship.

The deadline of application for the second term is 30 June 2015. Application form and all supporting materials must be submitted via electronic mail to: fellowship@turkishculture.org

For more information on eligibility, terms and application forms, please visit the TCF website turkishculturalfoundation.org/pages.php?ID=139 or email info@turkishculturalfoundation.org

For further information, please contact: fellowship@turkishculture.org