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Europeana Creative Pilot Applications

Europeana Creative is developing novel applications through the innovative re-use of digitised cultural heritage data. Five innovative pilot applications are being developed to showcase the potential to re-use Europe's digitised cultural heritage in innovative applications. These pilot applications might be games, learning apps, travel guides or applications based on geo-referenced data. They are being developed through a process of co-creation involving education, tourism, social networks and design experts, software developers, business model specialists and other project partners.

The pilot applications will be useful and engaging applications that demonstrate how the technical infrastructure (e.g., extended Europeana APIs, back-end services) and the legal infrastructure (e.g., how to access digital objects, under which conditions) created in the project can be used. They will also be inspiring proofs of concept for the development of future applications in these sectors.

For each pilot application the same workflow is used: the planning, design and content-sourcing phases lead to the development of prototypes. These prototypes are then evaluated and refined. Each pilot application is a best-practice example and will be presented at the open innovation challenge events.

Submit your idea and join a co-creation community of app and software developers, entrepreneurs and designers, educators, collection curators.

Take a look at the project leaflet at www.europeanacreative.eu

Do you want to provide data? Do you want to create an app? Please contact: EuropeanaCreative@onb.ac.at