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Artnodes Journal

Call for Papers

Artnodes is an e-journal on art, science and technology promoted by the Arts and Humanities Department, the IT, Multimedia and Telecommunications Department, and the Information and Communication Sciences Department of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC). It is an open-access academic journal produced by the UOC since 2002 and published twice a year, in June and December. Its articles come from public calls for papers and undergo double-blind peer review.

The relationship between art and education has a long history during which it has acquired various forms that, far from following each other in a linear sequence, coexist and hybridize. Thus, we find different currents in education that advocate the inclusion of art in general schooling with the purpose of fostering personal, intellectual, moral, social (and, of course, professional) development. More recently, we have witnessed the development of a hybrid terrain between art and education that has facilitated the convergence of the two fields. Since approximately the beginning of the new millennium, the term 'educational turn' has become increasingly used to refer to a series of artistic and curatorial practices that take education as a discursive and action paradigm, which are acknowledged by the Art institution. We also detect an increase in the term 'mediation', both to broaden the register of education and to lay claim to this space from practices such as curating.

With respect to these debates, the next issue of Artnodes, coordinated by Aida Sánchez de Serdio, proposes to open a window of reflection on these experimental, hybrid connections between art and education, exploring both their possibilities and their limits and paradoxes, and also their multiple lineages and political misalignments. The lines of debate proposed for contributions are:

  • Terminological debates concerning areas in which education, art and curating share common ground;
  • Organizational, institutional and political contexts of the relationship between art and education;
  • Relationships between education, art and art research; and
  • New corporealities, performativity and gender.

Authors are invited to submit articles of no more than 5,000 words in Spanish, Catalan or English before 1 April 2016 through the form available at the website http://journals.uoc.edu/index.php/artnodes/pages/view/call-for-papers-art-education