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POWER2YOUTH - Freedom, Dignity and Justice Project

POWER2YOUTH is a consortium of research and academic institutions from different disciplines based in the EU member states, Norway, Switzerland and South and East Mediterranean (SEM) countries, formed to explore the dynamics of youth exclusion and the prospects for youth inclusion and overall change in the SEM region.

POWER2YOUTH aims to advance theory and extend knowledge on the complex processes and dynamics of youth exclusion and inclusion in the SEM region as well as to provide innovative and concrete policy recommendations that create opportunities for youth empowerment. The project examines the root causes of youth exclusion and the role that youth can play in the on-going transformations through a multi-level (macro, meso and micro), interdisciplinary and gender-sensitive theoretical approach that combines both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. The project has a cross-national comparative design with case studies. Six SEM country case studies are selected: Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Occupied Palestinian Territories and Turkey.

Coordinating institution: Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI), Via Angelo Brunetti 9 - I-00186 Roma, Italy; tel.: +39-063224360 ; fax :+39-063224363; e-mail: iai@iai.it; www.iai.it

For more information please visit: www.power2youth.eu/contacts#sthash.noFnN5Wy.dpuf