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Mokolo Project

Mokolo is a panafrican interactive project, dedicated to African cinema. The Mokolo Project, an online portal for filmmakers whose aim is to reinforce the film and multimedia sector in Africa by improving the accessibility and visibility of professionals and contents, was launched on 31 May 2016 in Dakar, Senegal. The project, funded by ACP-EU and Goethe-Institut, targets film professionals as well as those who work in the industry, consumers and retailers, festivals, policies, libraries, researchers, institutions and research centres, civil societies, interested lobbyists and organisations.

By collating and aggregating content from existing relevant websites, Mokolo provides easy access to African film and audio-visual content as well as to industry-related information. This is in line with the raison d'être of its online platform connecting distribution, information and networking sites through a one-stop portal.

Set up after a meeting of African cinema and audiovisual experts and professionals at the Goethe-Institut Yaoundé in November 2010, the project derives its name from the Cameroonian capital's biggest market. It essentially pivots on the basic premise that technology and innovation can play an important role in developing Africa's movie ecosystem. Hence it operates on the tripod of Mokolo TV, Mokolo Pro and Mokolo Labs, the features of which somewhat dovetail into each other so much that the difference between them seems to blur. The project's end-users, addressed as "Mokolizers", can log in to Mokolo Pro and Mokolo TV either through their email or any of their social media accounts.

Through its OER (Open Education Resource) Approach, Mokolo Project offers a comprehensive digital media literacy. This "visual literacy" goal can best be described as the competence to understand and interpret audio-visual content. It encompasses the comprehension of film and visual media as multimodal content - i.e., audio, video and text.

The next phase of the Mokolo Project, which will be handled by the Mokolo Foundation, will rely on the support of its members and the German Foreign Office.

For more information, please contact contact@mokolo.net or visit www.mokoloprojects.org