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Crowfunding for Culture Pilot Project

Crowdfunding4Culture is a unique EU initiative exploring the role and impact of crowdfunding for cultural organisations and creative professionals active in Europe. Crowdfunding4Culture is part of a pilot project entitled Crowdfunding for the Cultural and Creative Sectors: Kick-starting the Cultural Economy, commissioned by the European Commission to IDEA Consult, and its partners consortium European Crowdfunding Network and Ecory.

With more than 600 European platforms and an increasing number of funds raised, crowdfunding has today become a popular method of fundraising for the cultural and creative sectors. In order to map the impact of crowdfunding for culture, 4 surveys have been launched targeting cultural organisations, crowdfunding platforms, backers, and policy makers. Help Crowdfunding4Culture find out what works best for culture. Are you a heritage organisation? Please take the Creatives Survey to share your views on the use of crowdfunding for cultural heritage. Are you a policy maker active in the cultural field? Take the Policy Maker Survey and share your policy initiatives on crowdfunding for culture. Are you a philanthropist or digital giver? Take the Backer Survey and share your motivation for donating/investing in cultural heritage.

Your views and experiences will be used to build a knowledge hub on the use of crowdfunding and provide insights for future policy initiatives on funding for culture in Europe.

For more information, please visit: www.crowdfunding4culture.eu