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InterArtive: Malta - Culture in Transformation. Projects and Processes of a Contemporary Cultural Development

Call for Papers and Art Projects

The focus of a special issue of InterArtive, an online monthly journal and a cultural association from Barcelona, Spain, is the contemporary cultural development of Malta. The small insular country is currently facing an extraordinary cultural renaissance that is strongly contributing to place its name at the centre of the international map. As the cultural context in transformation needs a constant examination and the contribution of new and diverse perspectives, InterArtive invites scholars, critics, curators and artists to participate. The aim is to bring in fresh and critical voices from inside and outside to analyse the contemporary cultural development of Malta.

Proposals that consider one or more of the following topics and questions, among others, will be accepted:

  • What are the opportunities and challenges of the current cultural development?
  • What are the benefits and disadvantages for the country and the cultural sector on a long-term perspective?
  • What are the singularities of Malta, given its geographic position and insular condition?
  • What are the current artistic, cultural, curatorial and creative projects and initiatives? What are the future visions and perspectives?
  • Exchanges, mobilities and dialogues: cultural and artistic experiences in the field;
  • Communities, languages, postcolonial issues, borders and migration;
  • What is the role of the different agents and stakeholders: independent artists, cultural managers, curators, researchers and other cultural practitioners?
  • What is the role of the institutions? What the responsibility and processes of the cultural policies?

The deadline for the submission of texts and art projects is 30 April 2017. Proposals should be submitted by mail to info@interartive.org.

For more information, please visit: interartive.org/2017/01/malta-culture-in-transformation-opencall/