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SOMA Summer 2019: Scaffolding

Mexico City, Mexico, 1 July - 23 August 2019

SOMA Summer is an eight-week international programme for artists, curators, art historians, and other creative producers in Mexico City, Mexico. The 2019 programme will be held from 1 July to 23 August 2019. Led by renowned Mexican and international artists, curators, and researchers, the programme is built around a specific topic each year. Participants have the opportunity to be involved in a comprehensive series of seminars, workshops, individual critiques and studio and site visits, which will help them analyze their work and define the contours of their creative practices. The group of thirty artists will also collaborate on a self-organized publication as a conclusion to their thoughts and experiences throughout the summer.

In 2019, the concept of SOMA Summer will depart from the term 'scaffolding' as a framework to study visible and invisible supporting structures (such as language and form), and as a means to better understand the roles of power, hierarchy, and surface in everyday practice. SOMA Summer welcomes artists, curators and art historians who are eager to reflect on their practices - and who are not focused on preparing work for exhibitions or other previous commitments and impending deadlines. Successful applicants must demonstrate significant experience in their field and are expected to participate in all programme activities.

The deadline for applications is 3 February 2019.

For more information, please visit: somamexico.org/es/soma-summer/about-soma-summer