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Announcement of New Publication

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Culture – Biz. Locating Women as Film and Book Publishing Professionals in Europe

ARCult Media, Bonn, 2005, 395 pp., ISBN 3-930395-70-3

The third publication in a series of studies investigating the status of women, Culture Biz, an ERICarts Report, brings about transparency on the position of women working in two main fields of the creative industries at a time when the European Union is setting up a European Gender Institute to gather, analyse and disseminate comparative information and data to be used by policy makers, experts and stakeholders on gender equality in the European labour market.

The publication is the result of a 15-month study on the opportunities for women to hold decision-making positions at different stages of the cultural production and distribution chain in the fields of film production and book publishing. In-depth national studies were carried out in Austria (Mediacult), Finland (Finn-EKVIT), Germany (Zentrum für Kulturforschung-ZfKf) and Portugal (Observatorio das Actividades Culturais -OAC), and are examined in European comparison by the ERICarts Institute. Each national study provides an overview of the ownership and structure of large, medium and small sized companies and the main developments and trends in both industries over a ten year period.

A detailed review will be published here in December. In the meantime, the Executive Summary is available at http://www.gender-research.net/web/files/1/en/ExSummary-Eng.pdf and individual chapters of the publication may be downloaded from http://www.gender-research.net/web/results.php.

Contact: ERICarts, Dahlmannstraße 26, 53113 Bonn, Germany; tel.: +49-228-2420996 / 7; fax: 241318; e-mail: info@culturalpolicies.net; http://www.culturalpolicies.net; http://www.gender-research.net/