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Developing New Instruments to Meet Cultural Policy Challenges

By Rod Fisher (Ed.)

Centre for European Studies (CES), Bangkok, Thailand, 2005, 283 pp., ISBN 974-9940-16-4

The Centre for European Studies (CES), Thailand, published a Report of the Asia-Europe Seminar on Cultural Policy, that was held in Bangkok, Thailand, on 24-27 June 2004 under the title Developing New Instruments to Meet Cultural Policy Challenges. The seminar was intended for senior civil servants working for ministries with responsibility for culture in Europe and Asia.

Recognizing the need of government sectors internationally to improve policy-making to respond to new challenges and threats facing culture, the seminar aimed at highlighting questions of existing policy options, setting up procedures for the assessment of ministries' policy effectiveness, and creating opportunities for Europe and Asia to learn from each other, trying to find innovative solutions to current cultural policies dilemmas in both regions.

Recommendations were drafted focusing on four main areas: cultural policies, research, artists and art promoters' exchange, and mobility between Asia and Europe.

An Executive Summary is available at www.asef.org/documents/culturalpolicy-executivesummary.doc, while details and links to the final recommendations and programme may be found at www.asef.org/projectpast.asp?projcode=274&deptcode=1.

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