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Announcement of New Publication

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Arts Management in Turbulent Times: Adaptable Quality Management - Navigating the Arts Through the Winds of Change

By Milena Dragićević Šešić and Sanjin Dragojević

Boekmanstudies, Amsterdam, 2005, 208 pp., € 25, ISBN 10:9066500832, ISBN 13:978 906 650 0839

With a lecture and debate, the Boekman Foundation and European Cultural Foundation have launched their recent publication entitled Arts Management in Turbulent Times: Adaptable Quality Management - Navigating the Arts Through the Winds of Change, based on the broad expertise and experience its two authors have gained in many years of arts management training in South East Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Caucasus and other countries in and around Europe. The authors have pooled their academic expertise with their long standing practice of bringing arts organisations in turbulent environments on the road to organisational stability and operational success.

Assessings the dramatic period of change affecting the cultural sector in Central, Eastern and South East Europe since the 1990s, and pointing the way towards greater organisational stability and operational success in arts management within these regions, the book draws together contemporary Western- and Eastern European approaches to arts management. It also highlights the various practice-based management tools and first-ever adaptations of existing theory along with the hands-on solutions developed for arts managers working internationally and in turbulent contexts.

The fundamental shift from authoritarian state socialism towards market economics and European Union membership has led to an array of challenges and opportunities for the societies of the countries concerned and the arts managers working within them. If they are to shape and develop cultural life in their respective countries, the book argues, both public and independent arts organisations need to be able to rely on strong organisational structures and sufficient management capacities. For this reason, strategic planning and increased proficiency in organisational development and management become key factors. Such planning and proficiency assist cultural organisations in exceptionally difficult environments to master successfully the many – often daunting – challenges they face.

For more information, please contact: Ms. Marielle Hendriks, PR & Communication, Boekman Foundation, Herengracht 415, NL - 1017 BP Amsterdam, The Netherlands; tel.: +31 20 - 624 37 36; Fax: +31 20 - 638 52 39; e-mail: m.hendriks@boekman.nl; http://www.boekman.nl/EN/publications_artsmanagement.html