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The Arts, Politics and Change - Participative Cultural Policy-making in South East Europe

By Hanneloes Weeda, Corina ªuteu and Cas Smithuijsen (Eds.)

Boekmanstudies, Amsterdam, 2005, 288 pp., € 29,50, ISBN 90-6650-081-6

In The Arts, Politics and Change: Participative Cultural Policymaking in South East Europe, edited by Hanneloes Weeda, Corina Suteu and Cas Smithuijsen, and published by Boekmanstudies, practitioners and experts from the field record the reforms of cultural policies in South East Europe and describe the results achieved to date.

The first (theoretical) part of the book entitled Cultural Policy in South East Europe, includes essays on centralism or decentralisation, transforming regulatory frameworks, rethinking state funding, and the role of the media, while the second part entitled The Power of Local Action consists of case studies on cultural policy practices in South East European cities, influencing legislation in South East Europe, and cultural funding in South East Europe.

Sensible cultural policy frameworks are key to developing a stable cultural sector and flourishing cultural activity. Since the political changes in South East Europe in the 1990s, a participative reform of the previously state-funded cultural system and a strengthening of the independent sector in South East Europe proved to be necessary.

To support this process, in the year 2000 the regional framework programme Policies for Culture commenced, run by the ECUMEST Association, Bucharest, and the ECF, Amsterdam. Following a bottom-up approach and aiming to bridge the gap between the cultural field and the policymaking level in South East Europe, an open platform was established. This platform enabled the various stakeholders to meet and discuss the day-to-day needs of cultural policy and to redesign them.

The programme's exciting experiments may also serve as an inspiration for the wider community of European and non-European countries and for all institutions and individual researchers involved in examining the role of cultural policy frameworks in politically and socially unstable societies.

The full table of contents is available at http://www.boekman.nl/EN/publications_southeasteurope_content.html.

For more information, please contact: Ms. Marielle Hendriks, PR & Communication, Boekman Foundation, Herengracht 415, NL - 1017 BP Amsterdam, The Netherlands; tel.: +31 20 - 624 37 36; Fax: +31 20 - 638 52 39; e-mail: m.hendriks@boekman.nl; http://www.boekman.nl/EN/publications_southeasteurope.html