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Managing World Heritage Sites

Edited by Anna Leask and Alan Fyall
Butterworth-Heinemann, Burlington, 2006, 294 pp., ISBN 0-7506-6546-7

Managing World Heritage Sites is the new book in the excellent Butterworth-Heinemann edition covering the burning issues of cultural heritage management and tourism. It covers the management issues encountered at cultural, natural and mixed UNESCO World Heritage Sites. At the same time it critically reviews the role of tourism activity encouraging discussion of positive ways to balance tourism activities, economic benefit and cultural aspects, whilst minimizing any damage to resources. World Heritage Sites are high profile and, as their designation states, they are of universal significance. Often, they are government owned and subject to extensive political debate having the iconic status and are therefore crucial to national tourism industries. The aim of the text was to combine the issues raised via the academic research and debate, with the more practical and applied results from individual properties and those involved in their management. The book covers all these aspects in attempting to arrive at solutions for successful site management.

Five greater parts of the book cover issues such as designation, marketing, visitor management, revenue generation and site management. The last, fifth chapter is dedicated to nine international case studies to illustrate the issues at both natural and cultural sites. They include Machupicchu (Peru), Lijiang (China), the Central Eastern Rainforest (Australia), the Megalithic Temples of Malta for example.

Each text is written by an international contributor team of well known and respected experts in the field (such as Michael Hall, Hilary du Cros, Myra Shackley, Stephen Boyd, Dallen Timothy and others) and the text is developed with a user friendly and logical structure with all chapters including aims, introduction, case studies of best practice, conclusion, references and websites. The book is also supplied with Index.

Containing broad coverage of the issues followed by specific and applied case studies, the book provides a useful text for students, academics and practitioners alike.

For more information or to obtain the book, please contact: Robert Dodd, Publicity Coordinator, e-mail: r.dodd@elsevier.com or visit the following website: http://books.elsevier.com