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Announcement of New Publication

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ARSIS 2/06

Finnish Arts Council, Helsinki, 2006, 49 pp.

The second annual edition of ARSIS, the arts and cultural policy magazine published quarterly by the Finnish Arts Council, is devoted to Finnish art festivals, bringing intriguing features on music, film, performing and visual arts, literature, architecture and children’s culture. The issue is available online in PDF version at edmund.taiteenkeskustoimikunta.fi/download/

ARSIS is published quarterly as two larger theme issues and two bulletins a year, primarily providing information about art promotion, the preparation of art promotion measures in the public administration, and their impact.

For free subscriptions, please contact tktinfo@minedu.fi.

Contact: Mr Hannu Saha, Editor-in-Chief or Paula Haikarainen, Managing Editor, Arts Council of Finland, PO Box 293, Maneesikatu 7, 00171 Helsinki, Finland; tel.: +358 9 1607 7063; fax: +358 9 1607 7060; e-mail: hannu.saha@minedu.fi or paula.haikarainen@minedu.fi; www.artscouncil.fi/publications