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Announcement of New Publication

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Planning and Engaging with International Communities

Comedia, 2006

COMEDIA, Europe's leading cultural planning consultancy, has recently published a report commissioned by the Academy for Sustainable Communities entitled Planning and Engaging with International Communities. The report is part of The Intercultural City, COMEDIA's larger work theme through which new ideas on how cities can realise their "diversity advantage" are generated.

In the report, the thinking around place-making and community building in the context of increasing cultural diversity are moved forward the authors challenge conventions where necessary and set out some new debating points.

The Report carries a foreword by Professor Peter Roberts, Chair of the Academy for Sustainable Communities, followed by six chapters covering topics concerning the context of sustainable development, cultural competence and the management of change, what local authorities think, doing community engagement, and the new skills agenda - a selection of case studies.

Contact: COMEDIA, 26 West View, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK; e-mail: philwood@comedia.org.uk; www.comedia.org.uk