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Respect for Art: Visual Arts Administration and Management in China and the United States

By Joan Jeffri and Yu Ding, Intellectual Property Publishing House, China, 2007, 340 pp., USD 44.95 (hardcover), USD 39.95 (papercover), ISBN 978-7-80198-664-1

Respect for Art is the first book to grapple with issues of visual arts management and administration in China and the United States. A collaboration between two professors of arts administration, one in Beijing and one in New York City, it focuses on four areas: museums, non-profit spaces, the art market (including commercial galleries, expositions and auction houses), and public art.

The book identifies areas which seem similar mechanisms for becoming a non-profit organization, tax laws regarding arts institutions - but which have substantial differences in history, culture and understanding; areas where both countries struggle with rapid change the market for contemporary Chinese artists the escalation of the auction house, the social relevance of public art; and concerns for the future cultural and intellectual property, cultural policy, accessibility, art education, and the myriad of skills, sensitivity, theory and practice to sustain a healthy respect for art.

Contact: Long Wen, Intellectual Property Publishing House, e-mail: longwen@cnipr.com