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Announcement of New Publication

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Clubture, Culture as the Process of Exchange 2002-2007

Association of NGOs Clubture, Zagreb, 2007, ISBN 978-953-95994-0-7

This Croatian-English bilingual edition published by the Clubture network, a non-governmental organization, to mark its five-year anniversary, takes a look at the development of the Croatian independent cultural scene between 1990 and 2002, leading up to the establishment of the Clubture network.

The network went through three development cycles, the period of establishment, the period of intensive project collaboration and the recent period of organizational development, a dynamic development and experience of participatory cultural policy built from below that did not remain unnoticed within the European framework.

Contact: Clubture, Svačićev trg 1, 10000 Zgerb, Croatia; tel.: +385-1-4572591; fax: +385-1-4572592; e-mail: clubture@clubture.org; www.clubture.org