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Announcement of New Publication

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Neighbourhood - The International Journal of Neighbourhood Renewal

Eton Evaluation Consultancy

On the 30th January 2008 at the Regeneration is 30 Conference in Liverpool, United Kingdom a new journal focusing upon the promotion of effective Neighbourhood Renewal strategies was launched. The International Journal of Neighbourhood Renewal is an exciting new journal that seeks to publish articles and book reviews that focus upon sharing good practice in Neighbourhood Renewal and promoting good research and evaluation in the field.

The first edition of the Journal will be published in September 2008 and a call for papers is now being made. If you wish to submit a paper for inclusion in the Journal please visit the website www.ijnr.co.uk and visit the Call for Papers Section and complete a synopsis form.

Articles that are published in the Journal will be reviewed by a high quality support team that is made up of representatives from across the world. The circulation for the journal is planned to be worldwide and have a level of 5000 subscribers per annum. Subscriptions are also now being taken for the Journal.

Contact: Ray Holden, Director, Eton Evaluation Consultancy, 92 Green Lane North, Childwall, Liverpool L16 8NL, United Kingdom; tel.: 44 (0) 845 602 5280 / 44 (0) 7974 222 832; www.ijnr.co.uk