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Announcement of New Publication

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Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen, Berlin, 2008

Issue II/2008 of the German quarterly Kulturaustausch focuses on climate change and the major impact global warming will have or already has on our economy, politics, but also on culture.

A wide array of accomplished scientists and journalists concerned with environmental issues from all over the world contributed to Kulturaustausch's special topic The Breach with Nature, in order to debunk climate change skeptics by proving that profound change due to global warming is already taking place, by making worrying projections of the near and 'the day after tomorrow' future and, interestingly, by looking into the past and showing how climate change less dramatic then the one we are facing now caused economic collapse and political unrest many times in human history. As Kulturaustausch focuses primarily on cultural issues, a special emphasis has been given to the problems of endangered societies like the Inuit, who have to give up their traditional way of hunting due to the thinning ice, or the Tuareg, who can not find enough grazeland for their camels, which forces them to abandon their nomadic way of life and settle in towns. This year's second edition of Kulturaustausch is a call against the 'knowledge-ignorance paradox' – a term coined by Canadian sociologist Sheldon Ungar – which prevents us from really apprehending the unpleasant and 'inconvenient truth' and a call to open our eyes.

More information: cms.ifa.de/pub0/kulturaustausch/