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Announcement of New Publication

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Kulturpolitische Mitteilungen

Kulturpolitische Gesellschaft e.V. / Institut für Kulturpolitik (IfK), Bonn, 2008

Issue 120 I/2008 of German quarterly Kulturpolitische Mitteilungen is dedicated to the analysis of the report Culture in Germany, drafted by German parliament's Enquete-Commission.

The long awaited, nearly 500-pages strong document by the German Bundestag entitled Culture in Germany finds itself under close scrutiny of the quarterly famed for its analysis, discussions and recommendations in the sector of cultural and educational policies. KM takes pleasure in finding out that most of the topics it pushed in recent years found their way into the report culminating in its central notion that Kulturpolitik has to be a joint enterprise of the state, economic actors and civil society. This notion of a cooperative Kulturpolitik does not intend to relieve the state of its central role of building and maintaining a cultural infrastructure, but it opens up the space for stronger involvement of other partners and their ideas. The current issue of Kulturpolitische Mitteilungen intends to open the debate on these issues and hopes for contributions of actors interested in culture and cultural policies.

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