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Announcement of New Publication

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Give, Get or Get Off!: Challenges of Cultural Networking Today

Gent, European Festivals Association, 2008, 205 pp., ISBN 978-90-81140-42-3

Give, Get or Get Off!: Challenges of Cultural Networking Today is a report on the EFA/ISPA Conference entitled Cultural Networks at Work, a gathering that was organized in Brussels, Belgium in June 2007. The book presents excerpts of the discussion sessions as well as a series of contributions of experienced networkers on the challenges and opportunities of cultural networking today. It intends to stimulate the debate on the efficiency and utility of networking in the cultural sector.

The report offers a comprehensive overview of the various aspects of networking in the cultural sector. It is a first step to foster the discussion on how to get the most out of networking and has to be seen as stimulant for further improvement and progress in terms of cooperation between cultural sectors. Working patterns of various networks are presented and challenges and opportunities cultural networks are confronted with shown. It also presents ideas and suggestions for how to use networks appropriately.

Five chapters focus on specific aspect of cultural networks: evaluating a network's work; ensuring a stable, economic basis for a network; fostering artistic collaboration and development via a network; internationalizing cultural networking; and setting up a network via real and virtual networked projects.

Excerpts of the discussion also focus on issues of intercultural dialogue, cultural diversity and social cohesion which are created and maintained through the work of networks.

To obtain the publication, please contact: EFA, Kleine Gentstraat 46, 9051 Gent, Belgium, tel.: +32 9 241 8080; fax: +32 9 241 8089; e-mail: info@efa-aef.eu