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Moving Art A Guide to the Export and Import of Cultural Goods Between Russia and the European Union

By Judith Staines and Julio Piñel, European Communities, 2007, 262 pp., ISBN 978-92-79-07027-3

The most recent publication of the Delegation of the European Commission to Russia entitled Moving Art is a user-friendly and practical handbook that describes the different procedures and regulations for the export and import of diverse cultural goods between Russia and the 27 member states of the European Union.

It is intended to be a practical guide for organizers of international cultural projects museums, galleries, art experts, dealers and collectors, concert managers, artists and their agents, as well as simple art lovers and tourists. It further aims to present the essential legal and administrative information in an easy and understandable format. It provides up to date links and references that will enable users to find their way through the bureaucratic web.

The handbook contains sections for the 27 countries of the EU and Russia, outlining the legislation and procedures that apply in each country for the export and import of cultural goods. It explains the different procedures for temporary exports, as for a touring exhibition. The main focus is on the visual arts, antiques and musical instruments, as well as on other cultural goods that are covered by existing legislation.

The original idea for the publication of this guide came from Rosokhrankultura, the Russian Federal Service of Legal Supervision in Mass Communications and Protection of Cultural Heritage, in the context of the road map which aims to promote cultural cooperation between Russia and the member states of the EU. It is distributed free of charge and can be downloaded from the webpage of the Delegation of the European Commission to Russia at: www.delrus.ec.europa.eu.

The brochure is available for free download from www.delrus.ec.europa.eu/en/images/mText_pict/2/Moving%20Art%2007%20eng.pdf