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Cultures and Globalization - The Cultural Economy

By Helmut Anheier and Yudhishthir Raj Isar
Cultures and Globalization Series, SAGE Publications, 2008, 688 pp., £ 29.99 / 80.00, ISBN: 9781412934749 / 9781412934732

The world's cultures and their forms of creation, presentation and preservation are deeply affected by globalization in ways that are inadequately documented and understood. The Cultures and Globalization series is designed to fill this void in our knowledge. In this series, leading experts and emerging scholars track cultural trends connected to globalization throughout the world, resulting in a powerful analytic tool-kit that encompasses the transnational flows and scapes of contemporary cultures. Each volume presents data on cultural phenomena through colourful, innovative information graphics to give a quantitative portrait of the cultural dimensions and contours of globalization.

This second volume The Cultural Economy analyses the dynamic relationship in which culture is part of the process of economic change that in turn changes the conditions of culture. It brings together perspectives from different disciplines to examine such critical issues as:

  • the production of cultural goods and services and the patterns of economic globalization
  • the relationship between the commodification of the cultural economy and the aesthetic realm
  • current and emerging organizational forms for the investment, production, distribution and consumption of cultural goods and services
  • the complex relations between creators, producers, distributors and consumers of culture
  • the policy implications of a globalizing cultural economy.

By demonstrating empirically how the cultural industries interact with globalization, this volume provides students of contemporary culture with a unique, indispensable reference tool as the notions of 'creative industry' and 'creative economy' are becoming ever more insistent in contemporary cultural, economic and urbanistic debates.

This rich book surveys the full range of the creative economy and includes Africa and Asia alongside the heartlands of USA and Europe. In so doing, it tackles some fundamental questions,drawing from diverse disciplinary and theoretical positions. It critically explores how the cultural economy is becoming more globalized, the relationship between commodification and aesthetics, national and transnational patterns of investment, production, distribution and consumption of cultural goods and services, and the policy implications of these various trends, giving full voice to those anxious about global homogenisation and those powerfully critical of the monopolisation and concentration of ownership and control by the mega-corporations.

As the key introductory and concluding chapters make clear, it is simply not possible any longer to ignore the enormous transformational power of the creative economy. This book presents the tools to help us to understand the new cultural and economic landscape in which we live, drawing together a range of leading academics and renowned artists, cultural activists, and consultants to interrogate a series of critical questions about the cultural economy.

To order, please see www.sagepub.co.uk/booksProdDesc.nav?currTree=Subjects&level1=A00&prodId=Book230746