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Arts in Education and Creativity: A Literature Review

By Mike Fleming, Creativity, Culture and Education (CCE), Newcastle upon Tyne, 2010, 82 pp. ISBN 978-1-907264-06-1

Mike Flaming of Durham University offers an historical and theoretical overview of arts education and its place in the English curriculum.

This review examines the development of arts education and its relationship to the concept of creativity. Its aim is to provide a review of some of the key literature which explores arts education, its traditions and distinct subject issues, and how these either differ or overlap with more general writings on creativity.

The first section examines changing approaches to arts and education from 1870 to the present day. Here Mike Fleming articulates the relationship of creative learning and creativity education with arts education. One of his key messages is that we should not lump all the arts together and short synopses of four discrete arts disciplines in section 2 make this argument very clearly.

The arts and creativity section examines the relationship between arts education and more general writings on creativity. A key issue here is the relationship between the concept of creativity and the specifics aims of arts in education.

This report will be useful for those interested in arts and creative education. It offers a serious and sophisticated review of the concept of arts education and should be of use to those with ambitions to act in this arena.

This publication can be accessed in Braille, large print, on audio CD and in electronic form. Please contact the publisher for any further information. To download this publication, go to http://www.creativitycultureeducation.org/data/files/5-b-arts-in-education-and-creativity-2nd-edition-91.pdf