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Announcement of New Publication

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FOCUS 2010 - World Film Market Trends

Commissioned from the European Audiovisual Observatory by the Marché du Film, the film market at the Cannes Film Festival, 2010, 64 pp.

In its thirteenth edition FOCUS 2010 presents the latest trends in all the major film markets around the world regarding film production and distribution as well as admissions. With its key indicators, FOCUS 2010 offers a complete overview of the film industry worldwide, and highlights new and up-and-coming areas such as Latin America and the Middle East.

The booklet is a valuable source of information for all interested in film market, from film makers, producers, distributors to the public in general. The information is presented in a clear and understandable way, in numerous charts and tables, taking into consideration five consecutive years (2005-2009).

It is an indispensable guide to understanding the undercurrents and changes in the international market, in a context where it has become vital to anticipate changes as they happen, to adjust strategies.

An electronic version is available at www.obs.coe.int/online_publication/reports/focus2010.pdf