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European Audiovisual Observatory, Yearbook 2010

Film, Television and Video in Europe, 2010 Edition, Vol.1, Television in 36 European States
By European Audiovisual Observatory, Strasbourg, 2010, 288 pp., ISBN: 978-92-871—6871-9

Volume 1 of the 16th edition of the European Audiovisual Observatory yearbook publication, entitled Television in 36 European States gives a comprehensive view of the crucial data in 36 television systems. As André Lange, Head of the Department for Information on Markets and Financing of the European Audiovisual Observatory states in the Introduction to the volume, the yearbook "...is being published at a time when the European television sector appears to be emerging from the major economic crisis of 2008 and 2009...". He also expresses hope that the Yearbook will enable us to measure the scale of the crisis.

The task of presenting comparable data for 36 European countries which often have quite different media systems and incompatible national statistics is a difficult one. Nevertheless, the yearbook offers once again a set of well- organized and presented data. The model for the presentation of national data took into consideration the following topics: basic data, market trends, operating revenues of the main television companies, development of consumer reception equipment and household expenditure on pay-TV, distribution platforms, etc.

The data are presented in three languages: English, French and German and offer a crucial source of information for those interested in the Europe's audiovisual market.

The content of the Yearbook is also available online at www.obs.coe.int/oea_publ/yb/index.html