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Consulting Young People: A Literature Review

By Sara Bragg, Creativity, Culture and Education Series, Newcastle, 2010, 86 pp., ISBN: 978-1-907264-03-0

The Creativity, Culture and Education (CCE) Literature Reviews aim at giving original and scholarly literature reviews in areas of creativity and learning. The report on Consulting Young People by Sara Bragg, Academic Fellow in Child and Youth Studies at the Open University in UK, "...introduces readers to the field of consultation work with young people ... and indicates some relevant references, broad schools of thought, major conceptual issues and practical approaches, as a guide for those who are interested in this area." (p. 9). The review is divided into six main sections dealing with broad questions. The main areas of interest include: the reasons for consulting young people, establishing and specifying parameters and purposes for consultative work, providing an overview of the main methods adopted and adapted for youth consultation (quantitative, qualitative, established forms of consultation, etc.), issues in investigating younger children's views and ethical considerations (including informed consent, inclusiveness, confidentiality and anonymity, recognition and feedback, ownership and social responsibility) and an overview of case studies through detailed examples of consultation with children and young people.

As David Parker of the Creativity, Culture and Education points out in the foreword, the main message of this review is "...that consulting young people is not a simple or straightforward process and that we need to consider carefully how best to learn about and interpret their views and opinions." (p. 7) By giving a detailed background from theory, methodology and empirical results the review brings that message home.

The publication is available for download from www.creativitycultureeducation.org/data/files/cce-lit-review-consulting-young-people-256.pdf

The Creativity, Culture and Education Series also encompasses further publications, including two Literature Reviews, entitled Teachers: Formation, Training and Identity and Childhood, Culture and Creativity.