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Tendances et défis des politiques culturelles. Cas nationaux en perspective

France - Angleterre -États-Unis - Allemagne - Espagne - Belgique - Suisse - Suède - Québec - Pays de Galles et Écosse - Les organisations internationales
(Trends and Challenges of Cultural Policies. National Case Studies. France - England - United States - Germany - Spain - Belgium - Switzerland - Sweden - Québec - Wales and Scotland - International Organizations)
By Diane Saint-Pierre, Claudine Audet, Presses de l'Université Laval, 2011, 406 pp., ISBN : 978-2-7637-9015-2

This work edited by Diane Saint-Pierre and Claudine Audet looks at the cultural policies of various Western countries - and their sometimes convergent, sometimes divergent evolution - based on the national priorities and issues of the time.

Some of the questions raised in the document include: How do States get involved in artistic and cultural life? Are their actions based on legitimate foundations? What issues have they had to face over the years in terms of cultural policies? What are the major challenges that are currently heightening the need—simply acknowledged by some and heartily implored by others—to breathe new life into government cultural interventions?

The work also looks at the nature and scope of the role that big international organizations play in this area. The chapter on the growing role of international organizations in the area of culture, which looks at the Council of Europe, discusses how these stakeholders have become so critical in light of the politicization and globalization of cultural issues and the convergence of the major priorities they promote to their member States.

For details, please see www.pulaval.com/catalogue/tendances-defis-des-politiques-culturelles-cas-9575.html