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Boundaries and Transitions. Social Innovations in Cultural Process

Collection of papers of the Fifth International Scientific Conference on Social Innovations in Cultural Process: Boundaries and Transitions

Edited by Vladimir I. Ionesov, Samara Society for Cultural Studies, Samara, 2010, 473 pp., ISBN 978-5-88293-272-4

The book edited by Vladimir I. Ionesov, is dedicated to the 2010 United Nations International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures. The articles in this volume were first presented at a scientific conference on boundaries and transitions held at Samara Society for Cultural Studies in March 2010.

This book represents recent explorations of boundary statements and transition processes made by anthropologists, linguists, economists, philosophers and educators in the area of cultural theory. The authors see boundaries and transitions in culture as important means of social transformation and development. The focus is placed on exploring and managing the transformational situations which can open up new approaches in the theory and practice of changing culture. Boundaries and Transitions consists of twenty articles divided in three parts: boundaries and transitions in culture; boundaries and transitions in global time; boundaries and transitions in the discourse of social and pedagogical knowledge. The book expands our understanding of the interaction of traditions and innovations in a global era and the construction of conditions for sustainable development and intercultural reconciliation.

For more information please contact: Vladimir Ionesov, Chairman, Samara International Society for Cultural Studies, PO Box 3004, RU-443099 Samara, Russia, tel./fax: +7 846 333 13 50, e-mail: ionesov@mail.ru