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Announcement of New Publication

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Cultural Policy Update (CPU)

Boekman Foundation

Serving as a platform for new points of view and arguments, the Cultural Policy Update (CPU), the new international e-journal published by the Boekman Foundation in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, reflects on recent developments in cultural policies, with the aim of stiring up the worldwide debate about changes in art support systems due to globalization, the economic crises and new market opportunities. Furthermore, CPU contains essential reading for cultural policy makers, researchers, students, art lovers, cultural workers and professionals with an interest in arts and culture.

Entitled Supporting the Arts in Spinning Times, CPU.1 takes support models from Europe, Asia and Australia under scrutiny. The old model of the patron state is wearing out, much is expected from a diversification of funding sources. This includes the use of trading and contracting models, as well as an increase of private support. Besides, new types of investment are in demand. A democratic and dynamic society needs the arts which should engage with other domains in society. Herein lies their added value for society. In large parts of the world culture and cultural policies are under pressure. To resist the gloom of recession old mindsets have to let go and be replaced by new, positive ways of thinking. An exchange of arguments and analyses is at the fore, now more than ever.

The entire content of CPU.1 is available online (free first edition in .pdf format) at: www.boekman.nl/EN/culturalpolicyupdate.html

For more information, please contact Doede van der Hoeven, tel: +31(0)20-624 37 36, e-mail: d.vanderhoeven@boekman.nl