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Construction and Design Manual Theatres and Concert Halls

Edited by Birgit Schmolke, Berlin, DOM publishers, 2011, 359 pp., ISBN 978-3-938666-94-4

This illustrated book gives an overview of selected theatres and concert halls built in the last decade in European cities including those of Saint Petersburg and Moscow.

The Foreword, If I were to build a theatre..., was written by Uwe Eric Laufenberg, who gives a nostalgic review of the role of the curtain in theatres. According to him, the massive curtain had a major role in ancient theatres representing a physical and psychological borderline between actors and the public: 'The raising of a curtain before and during performances can be a tremendously sensuous experience, and the visitors` desire to witness it should be cultivated both by the architects designing the building and the professional who will work in it'.

The book consists of three parts; the first part deals with concert halls, giving illustrated examples followed by detailed descriptions. In this part the reader can see 19 concert halls which are accompanied by technical drawings.

Browsing through the central part, reader can get an overview of theatres through the history. It shows the development of theatres starting from the age of Ancient Greece through the Roman Times, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, French Revolution and Post-war reconstruction in Germany, up to Theatre Architecture Today. By the end of this part, the author describes all necessary building steps involving the design of stages, stage-related spaces and auditoria as an important part of design process.

Photographs of thirteen theatre halls from various angles are presented in the last part along with photos of interiors and technical drawings. The book provides technical information about buildings such as: cost, capacity, building volume, duration of the competition and the realization phase.

The book is interesting and useful for students in design and architecture, architects, interior and exterior designers, theatre directors, composers and the large public who is fascinated with modern buildings.

This book is sold out until June when it will be available again in the paperback version.

For more information please visit: www.dom-publishers.com