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Construction and Design Manual Architectural Diagrams

Edited by Miyoung Pyo, Berlin, DOM publishers, 2011, 744 pp., ISBN 978-3-86922-148-9

The illustrated book Architectural Diagrams gives an overview of the state of the art in architectural representation across a spectrum of different diagrams.

The book consists of two volumes. At the beginning of the first volume there is an introductory essay about diagrams, addressing diagrams as a tool for delivering ideas. Since there are no linguistic and cultural boundaries diagrams are great visual medium of communication. But they are not just means of communication; they have become a kind of art form among the creative skills related to planning and building. Many examples of diagrams in public space, landscape and urban design can be seen in the first volume. The second volume presents examples of diagrams in architecture, interior design and installation.

Browsing through the volumes, the reader can find more than 1500 architectural diagrams, ranging from simple arrow diagrams to utilitarian graphs and highly developed and elaborate collages as well as computer animations. These diagrams are accompanied by photographs of already realized projects or images of models.

The book may be of interest to architects, interior and exterior designers, as well as those involved in managing public space, landscape and those who deal with urban design.

For more information please visit: www.dom-publishers.com