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Announcement of New Publication

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Pour une histoire des politiques culturelles dans le monde 1945-2011 (Towards a World History of Cultural Policies)

Edited by Philippe Poirrier, La documentation française, 2011, 488 pp., ISBN 978-2-11-008710-2

La documentation française has recently published a work entitled Pour une histoire des politiques culturelles dans le monde (Towards a World History of Cultural Policies). Taking a historical point of view, the book uses case studies to expand and enrich a collection of accounts from a 2009 international forum marking the 50th anniversary of France's Ministry of Culture and Communication.

The postscript provides a summary and describes the major milestones that have marked the development of cultural public policy around the world since World War II. It includes essays on Germany, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada (including Quebec), Chile, Denmark, Spain, the United States, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Norway, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Switzerland.

For more information on this publication, please visit www.ladocumentationfrancaise.fr/catalogue/9782110087102/index.shtml