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Public Funding for Film and Audiovisual Works in Europe

By Susan Newman-Baudais, European Audiovisual Observatory, Strasbourg, Council of Europe Publishing, 2011, 154 pp., ISBN: 978-92-871-7231-0

A new European Audiovisual Observatory 2011 report about public funding for film and audiovisual works in Europe has been published. Prepared by Susan Newman-Baudais, this title emphasizes the vital importance of public funding to the European film industry since it represents a key intersection point between public policy and market dynamics. From influential national film agencies, to small-scale local initiatives, this new report provides a unique overview of the geographical spread, scale and scope of direct public funding to the sector. The report gives answers to the key questions: How many funds? How are they financed? What is the total volume of funding? Which activities are supported? National versus regional funding? How do they differ? The report is, thus, an indispensable tool for industry professionals, policy makers, fund managers and researchers alike.

To order the publication please visit book.coe.int/sysmodules/RBS_page/admin/redirect.php?id=36?=EN&produit_aliasid=2653

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