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Why Discuss Network Neutrality?

European Audiovisual Observatory, IRIS Plus 2011-5, Strasbourg, Council of Europe Publishing, 2011, 39 pp., ISBN: 978-92-871-7246-4

The IRIS plus publication entitled Why Discuss Network Neutrality? reports on the latest developments in the network neutrality debate, summarises the most recent changes in the legal framework for electronic communication and compares the situation in Europe with that in the USA.

The lead article of this publication explains what exactly is happening in the complex process between the supply and the consumption of audiovisual media services via the Internet, both from a technical point of view and in the economic sense. It shows that the blocking or slowing down of data traffic linked to such bottlenecks creates the risk of unauthorised control of communication networks or of the data traffic that they carry. At the heart of the discussion is the question to what extent the legislature should tackle this shortage and its consequences through regulation, or whether the answer can be provided by free market forces.

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