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Exploratory Mapping of Intermediary Organisations - Supporting Performing Arts Circulation in Europe

Report of the SPACE Network, Research conducted by Cristina Farinha, 2011

SPACE network's study entitled Exploratory Mapping of Intermediary Organisations - Supporting Performing Arts Circulation in Europe summarizes the results of a research mapping conducted by Cristina Farinha. The SPACE network linking national/regional organisations that promote performing arts mobility, with the support of the EU, conducted a pilot project in 2008-2010 and invested on the improvement of the sector's intermediaries capacity building in view of fruitful and sustainable mobility. This exploratory mapping is meant to initiate a reflection on the sector's organisational models and dynamics. This report discusses the intermediary position and features a set of profiles of organisations active in this domain, having the SPACE members as a case study, with a focus on the initiatives and tools put in place for mobility promotion. It contributes to drawing the sector's institutional panorama within the EU and shedding light on its logics: the number and diversity of intermediaries in operation in each country/region, reflects the autonomy and regulation of the sector that in its turn, mirrors political, economical and geographical contexts.

As Cristina Farinha points out, "creating and performing across borders is key to develop and enrich the artistic experience for both creators and audiences. However operating within the European stages is complex and risky, yet challenging! Europe features an unbalanced scenario in what comes to the performing arts sector policies, infra-structures, working and social status and thus configuring disparate conditions for mobility. The support of intermediaries in relation to mobility promotion is then essential. Actually, the role of intermediaries is integral to the whole artistic process. Alongside with creators, intermediaries allow for art processes and outputs to take shape and place, delivering and facilitating arts interaction with audiences."

The study finalises with recommendations for organisations and policy makers to integrate mobility as a structural feature to their practices. From local to international, across different institutional levels, the sector's organisations may play an important mediation role in view of building up a (performing) arts community across borders.

To download the study, please visit www.spaceproject.eu/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=38&Itemid=27