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Travelogue: Mapping Performing Arts Mobility in Europe

By Joris Janssens and Bart Magnus, SPACE - Supporting Performing Arts Circulation in Europe, Brussels, 2011, 95 pp., ISBN:9789074351416

Travelogue is an experimental research project to map the collection of data on international performing arts mobility in Europe, and to test whether current national mobility mapping efforts can be harmonized and linked in order to provide a better view of transnational mobility in Europe.

The publication entitled Travelogue: Mapping Performing Arts Mobility presents the results of this research project, and includes a description of the Travelogue project phases, the Travelogue atlas (a series of visualizations of the available data) and case studies that helped develop the study prototype. The Travelogue project is part of SPACE (Supporting Performing Arts Circulation in Europe), an EU-funded pilot project for artist mobility. Ten national cultural institutions with an international policy and practice created this new platform dedicated to supporting performing arts circulation in Europe.

To learn more about the Travelogue study or download the report, please visit www.arts-mobility.info