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Announcement of New Publication

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Les politiques culturelles provinciales et territoriales du Canada

Edited by Monica Gattinger and Diane Saint-Pierre, Les Presses de l'Université Laval, Québec, Canada, 634 pp., ISBN: 978-2-7637-9152-4

The book entitled Les politiques culturelles provinciales et territoriales du Canada. Origines, évolutions et mises en œuvre explores a range of questions surrounding the history, institutionalization and instrumentionalization of provincial and territorial cultural policies in Canada.

In what ways have Canadian subnational governments intervened in the cultural and artistic lives of their citizens, and how do they intervene in current times? What sorts of rationales have underpinned and continue to underpin their policy measures and how have they translated the concepts of culture and cultural policy into government measures over the years? What goals, objectives and policy instruments have they prioritized and what factors have influenced the way policies have been implemented? The answers to these questions are multiple and complex, shaped by the distinctive histories and founding ideas of individual provinces and territories, as well as their capacities and resources, values and identities, citizen expectations and demands, and the visions of successive governments.

To order the book, please visit www.pulaval.com/catalogue/les-politiques-culturelles-provinciales-territoriales-canada-9719.html

Contact: Monica Gattinger, Associate Professor, School of Political Studies, University of Ottawa, 55 Laurier Avenue East (9158),Ottawa ON K1N 6N5 Canada; tel.: 613-562-5800 (2415); fax: 613-562-5371.